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Domain: Eukarya


Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Marsupialia

Family: Macropodidae

Genus/Species: Setonix brachyurus

Quokkas are of the domain Eukarya because eukariotic cells contain organelles and nuclei. They are of the kingdom Animalia because they are multicellular, heterotrophic (they have to find their own food, cannot produce food themselves like plants) ,and they are motile. All mammals fall into this domain. They are of the phylum Chordata because they have bilateral symmetry, segmented body, tail projecting beyond anus, ventral heart, and a complete digestive system. They are of the class Mammalia because they are heterodontic (more than one morphology of teeth), endothermic (heat comes internally), they have a four chambered heart, and they produce milk. They are of the order Marsupialia because they carry babies in a pouch and this is also where the babies feed. They are of the family Macropodidae because they have specific specialized teeth for grazing and large molars. And finally, they are the only mammal in the genus and species Setonix brachyurus. S. brachyurus means "short-bodied" in English (McLean et. al., 2008).

Used with permission from Royal Society
Figure 1. This was based on trichromatic cone morphology in related organisms.

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