Domain: Eukarya

  • Consists of multicellular organisms with membrane bound nuclei and organelles.

Kingdom: Animalia

  •   Consists of heterotropic orangisms which lack cell walls.

Phylum: Chordata

  • Consists of animals with pharyngeal gill slits, a notochord, a dorsal hollow nerve cord and tail.

Class: Actinopterygii

  • Consists of fish with ray fins and also have a swim bladder.

Order: Siluriformes

  • Consists of animals with four sets of barbels and locking fin spines.

Family: Ictaluridae

  • Consists of no scales, has stinging spines and either barbels.

Genus: Ictalurus

  • Ictalurus is a Greek word for fish cat. Also consists of "whisker-like barbels.

Species: Ictalurs farcatus

  • Again, Ictalurus is the Greek word for fish cat. While farcatus is Latin for "forked".