About Me

     My name's Tylor Hoard and I'm a sophomore at UW La Crosse majoring in Biology with a concentration in Environmental Science. I designed this website for my Organismal Biology class. I dream to one day become a Warden of Wildlife Officer for the Wisconsin State DNR. There is nothing I would rather do in my free time than be in the outdoors. Whether that be hunting, fishing, camping, shooting my bow, or something as simple as just walking around in the woods. I was born and raised in Orfordville which is a small farm town in southern Wisconsin. Where I grew up, without a doubt, molded me into the person I am today and would'nt have rather grown up anywhere else.

     I chose the Blue Catfish for a couple reasons. First off, fishing is my passion and learning more about what I love to do is always a plus. Second, I have never gotten the oppurtunity to fish for Blue Catfish since they are not found in this region. But learning about a fish that is quite similar to the ones I grew up catching (channel catfish) is very interesting.

I hope this website was as interesting for you read as it was for me to create.
Thanks for taking a look and good luck fishing! 

picture of me with a channel catfish i caught             picture of me with a bass i caught            picture of me with a bass i caught