-Evidence shows that turtle’s existed during the time of dinosaurs, which was about 200 million years ago (Sunset Beach Turtle Watch Program, 2004).
-The eggshells of loggerhead turtles is composed of calcium that female loggerheads store in their shell (Malory, 2013).
-On the Endangered Species Act and on the IUCN Red list loggerheads are listed as "Threatened" (Save the Turtles, 2013).
-Loggerhead turtles can weigh 170 to 500 pounds (Save the Turtles, 2013).
-The total loggerhead population is estimated to be around 60,000 (Save the Turtles, 2013).
-Loggerhead meat is used to make turtle burgers and turtle soup in some Caribbean areas. Their eggs are also used to make
cakes (MarineBio, 2014).
-Boat paddles are made from loggerhead shells (Save the Turtles, 2013).
-Turtles can live up to 100 years old  (Sunset Beach Turtle Watch Program, 2004).
-Hatchlings follow the light of the moon to find their way back to the ocean (Sunset Beach Turtle Watch Program, 2004).
-Loggerhead sea turtle swimming in the sea