"The Strongest Jaws of the Sea!"

      Alright, so the loggerhead sea turtle may not have the strongest jaws of the sea, but they are known for their powerful jaws and can crush shelled organisms such as clams with no problem! The Caretta caretta is commonly referred to as the loggerhead sea turtle and is one of the most popular turtles in the ocean. The breakdown of the meaning of their name is explained on the classification page. Its habitat is widely Loggerhead Sea Turtle floating in waterdistributed throughout the coastal waters. You can find the loggerhead sea turtle where its prey is highly populated and near shore when it needs to lay its eggs to reproduce. On and off shore the loggerhead sea turtle interacts with multiple different organisms. One interaction is with its preadtors. Throughout time, the loggerhead sea turtle has adapted its form and function to escape its predators, to effectively collect its prey, and to a changing environment. The loggerhead turtle is truely a fascinating animal and there are many interesting facts about them! To begin learning about the loggerhead sea turtle click here!