Med Basin


Scarabaeus sacer has a commensal relationship with cows and donkeys (Carnivora 2012). A commensal relationship is when one organism benefits from the relationship while the other is seemingly unaffected. S. sacer shares a commensal relationship with these particular species by collecting their dung and using it as a food source and as a breeding ground (Carnivora 2012).

They also share a parasitic relationship with different sorts of mites (Niogret et al., 2006). A parasitic relationship is one where the parasitic species lives off of the other, or the host species, harming it and possibly causing death. Other species that also have a parasitic relationship include the Large Turkey Louse and the Pork Tapeworm.

S. Sacer curiously has little to none natural predators.  They do have quite the relationship with humans however. This can be read about in the fact section.


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