Patagonian red octopus
Enteroctopus megalocyathus

Fast fun facts


Giant Red Octopus. Permission from

  • Want to try octopus as a dish? Click here!

  • Check out this video of an octopus vs. shark here.

  • Here is a video of a variety of different octopuses moving around the ocean floor.

  • Fishermen often cut off the tip of an octopus's arm and use it as bait because it will still continue to wiggle.

  • Octopuses do not have bones.  They are able to fit their bodies into/through any space like a beer bottle. To watch the video click here!

  • An octopus can lose an arm and grow another one back!

  • Octopuses has blue blood!

  • Octopuses have three hearts and nine brains!

Figure 1. Giant Red Octopus. Charlene - SJ. 2008.

  • An average female Giant Pacific Octopus in Alaska can lay 90,000 eggs.

  • Octopuses are carnivorous and are completely okay with eating the the hatchlings of other octopuses.

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