Patagonian red octopus
Enteroctopus megalocyathus


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Enteroctopus megalocyathus is a large and typically benthic cephalopod . This species lives at the bottom of a body of water, in this case the hard bottom habitats of the ocean, from the lower intertidal zone to 140 m depth (Ibanez & Chong, 2008).  Since they live at the very bottom of the ocean, fishermen use a

 variety of places, but only in the deep ocean depths.   

 spear and go fishing for them to capture for further studying. You would not find this species in a wide

Geography of octopus

The habitat of E. megalocyathus are
crevices and caves to hide from predators,
including organisms of the same species and
humans who are in fact an immense predator of
this species (Ibanez & Chong,2008).  Benthic
environments tend to be along shore where
breaking waves and storms cause rapid flow of
water, so the organisms that live in benthic
environments need to be able to withstand the
current.  Enteroctopus megalocyathus inhabit the
Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, alongside the southern coasts of South America, Chilean coast and along the Argentine Patagonian coast (Ortiz et al., 2006).