Patagonian red octopus
Enteroctopus megalocyathus

Welcome to the lair of the Southern Red Octopus!


With 200 species worldwide, octopuses are one of the most unknown creatures on our planet.  One of the twenty four accepted species include the Enteroctopus megalocyathus.  This octopus has two common names, the Southern Red Octopus or Patagonian Red Octopus.


This eight leged creature can be found all around the world in many different ecosystems.  Although it is a food source, octopuses like the E. megalocyathus have helped furthur understanding of brain development.


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Figure 2. Giant Red Octopus. Charlene - SJ. 2008.

Figure 1. The giant red octopus. Charlene -SJ. 2013.

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Giant octopusGiant Red Octopus

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