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Female humpback anglerfish
Source: Sonke Johnson.

The deep sea anglerfish is such a diverse and unique individual that all of its adaptations are interesting and amazing. There are however certain facts and adaptations about the angler fish that have not been mentioned in other pages of the website. For example, the flavor of the anglerfish is considered to be very similar to that of lobster and the anglerfish is considered a delicacy in Korea and Japan. The skin of the deep sea anglerfish is very thin and can often slide off of the body of the anglerfish. The deep sea angler fish may be one of the most mysterious creatures of the deep but rumors of how it catches prey have made it famous. In the Disney Pixar movie Finding Nemo the deep sea anglerfish makes an appearance and uses its glowing lure to attack Dorey and Marlin. The adaptations of the deep sea anglerfish are so numerous that it is difficult to find a few specific fun facts because they are all interesting and unique.

Female deep sea anglerfish
Source: Jolle Jolles. The deepsea anglerfish and its bizarre reproduction.

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