The following are some very interesting facts about our specimen, Linum marginale. There is a lot of history that deals with flax!
        Linum marginale is so important that our neighbors, Canada, have what is known as The Flax Council of Canada! Their goal is, as quoted on their website (
http://www.flaxcouncil.ca/english/index.jsp?p=about), to promote Canadian flax and its products for nutritional and industrial uses in local and worldwide markets.

About th 8th Century A.D. there was an emperor who ruled Western Europe who goes by the name Charlemagne, or Charles the Great. Charlemagne made it a law for his people to consume flax due to his health benefits (Flax Council of Canada 2013).



 January-November of 2006, nearly 75 new products were released that contained flax or flaxseeds!

If you are eating the seeds, DO NOT eat an unriped flax seed pod because it is toxic!! It can increase very dangerous levels of a chemical called cyanide into the blood. Cyanide is an oxygen blocker for the cells in the body causing the cells to die (NCEH 2013).

 Even though this seed is very healthy for you, IT IS POSSIBLE TO OVERDOSE! Overdosing on flaxseeds could cause the following symptoms:
1. Shortness or rapid breath
2. Weakness
3. Having difficulty walking, or in extreme cases paralysis
4. Seizures
5. Intestinal blockage

Flax seeds are in many different foods and can be added to many different things, such as smoothies. If you are missing something in your diet, like a low intake of your omega-3s, it is highly recommened you add them to your cereal or smoothie, or really anything!


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