Get to Know Me...

Sander vitreus

Walleye are one of the most sought after game fish due to their difficulty to catch and the great taste that they provide to your pallet. A very unique feature that makes the walleye stand out from other species is their eyes. Their eyes look glassy and are very sensitive to light. As you might guess, since their eyes are so sensitive to light the chance of catching them during the day is slim to none. Walleye prefer to hide during the day and come out to feed from dusk till dawn.

Walleyes are carnivores and feed on live bait. At night they feed in shallow sandy areas and during the day they move into deeper and darker parts of their niche. They prefer rapids and moving water to catch their prey. They do not pursue their prey most of the time, but wait for their prey to come to them and then strike at them. Walleye feed mostly on other minnows and small fish but will occasionally feed on crayfish and mayflies. They have many sharp teeth to hold on to their prey better and prefer to inhabit gravel and rocky places in their niche. They are identified by having a more stream line appearance with yellow to brown scales on the side. You will have better luck catching them in autumn instead of summer due the suns intensity on their eyes. Walleye spawn around March and prefer to spawn on clean gravel.

Throughout my webpage you will learn about the classification of the walleye, their habitat and adaption's that they have to make them a marvel hunter. You will also learn about their nutrition and the nutrition we get from them, how they reproduce, and the interactions they have in and outside their body. Get to know the classification of the walleye a little bit better.