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     Many people recognize a giraffe by both its height and its spots.  When in herds the spotted coats act as a camouflage confusing predators.  However most researchers believe the spots do not protect them from predators.  If a predator is nearby giraffes do not try to hide themselves in the trees, instead they just stand and watch.  If they are in great danger they will run, but research has shown they do not hide.

     There most useful adaptation is the familiar long neck.  Giraffe's necks can be six feet long.  Surprisingly they have the same number of vertebrae as most other mammals, seven.  Their vertebrae are just greatly elongated.  there are a variety of advantages to their long necks.  First it allows them to reach leaves and vegetation they feed on.  Another advantage is being able to look for predators.  Since they do not hide from predators it is very important that they see the enemy at all times.  The long neck allows them to see over smaller trees and bushes, they can also see predators at a great distance.