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Set is the name of the Egyptian god of evil.  The Egyptians believed he lived in desert regions like the giraffe, and therefore is depicted as the body of a man with the head of a giraffe.


     Giraffes in the wild are most commonly found in open woodland of eastern and southern Africa.  They are not in the north because of the vast Sahara desert.  The majority of their day is spent grazing, so the move around a lot.  However, they usually stay with their herd in the same general area.  Herds may migrate if there is a lack of food or water, but if there is no shortage the giraffes can remain in one area for a long period of time.  They live primarily in regions where the acacia trees, and bushes they feed on can be found. 

     Many people have seen giraffes, but because they are only found naturally in Africa, the majority of people see giraffes in zoos.  In the wild the average lifespan of a giraffe is ten years.  When in captivity the average lifespan is twenty-five years. 

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