White rhinos are herbivores.  Many people are scared of rhinos because of their massive size.  They think that rhinos will eat people if they get the chance.  That is 100% wrong.  As you can see in the picture taken below, white rhinos are known as grazers and they eat short grass.  This is part of the reason they don't like living in long grass regions. 

Rhinos use their lips to cut the grass and they cut it as short as possible.  You could almost call them nature's lawn mower.  You may wonder how such a large animal gets its fill by just eating grasses.  Well the white rhino's head is low to the ground and it uses a swaying motion to get large amounts of grass.  When it comes to water, the rhino will stay somewhat near a source because with how hot it can get, they will eventually need it.  When it's very dry out though the white rhino will only get water every few days. 



Permission from Ken Ellis ( 2007

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