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Picture from: http://www.thenewzoo.com/animals/redpanda.php#

~ The red panda is commonly called the wah because of the "wah" call that it makes.  It also has the common name fire fox because of its reddish fur and fox-like snout.

~ The red panda weighs 5% of the giant panda's weight.

~ Male red pandas will fight with each other by standing on their hind legs and boxing with their claws.

~ Red pandas use their tongues to detect different scents.

~ The first live red panda was put in the London Zoo on May 22, 1869.

~ Red pandas are considered arboreal animals, because they are usually seen resting in trees.

~ Red pandas do not like water.

~ To stay warm, red pandas sometimes roll into a ball, with their heads tucked beneath their chest and nose pushed between their hind paws.

~ If a red panda's den is discovered by a human more than once, the mother panda may respond by eating her cubs. 

~ The red panda's tail is almost the same length as its body.

~ Male red pandas do not help take care of their cubs.


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