The White-Tailed Deer

Interesting Facts



Habitat and Adaptation




Interesting Facts




Well nourished bucks' antlers start to sprout in April and can grow more than ½ per day.


Their large ears can rotate 180 degrees and pick up high frequency sounds.


Deer are very good swimmers and can easily swim across rivers and lake at a pace of 10 mph.


Once a deer has established his/her territory the will not leave.


Deer can live up to 11 years of age in the wild.


Deer population under good conditions can double in size annually.


Lyme disease in considered to be the second fastest growing infectious disease next to AIDS. Scientists see a link between high deer populations and Lyme disease.


Deer herds are responsible for more than $37 million in agriculture lost in Wisconsin alone.


Deer can scent humans for days after we leave the woods.


Deer can run up to 35mph with a stride length as much as 25 feet.