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What does the Gulper eel eat at such great depths?

The gulper eel engulfs its food usually by means of a quick, forward thrust of its head.  It has a huge mouth that can be unhinged to consume anything from small slow creatures to creatures bigger than itself.  They possess an elastic stomach that is able to accommodate for very large prey.  The gulper eel scoops its prey and surrounding water with its huge mouth and squeezes out the water through its teeth and gills.  The prey is then surrounded by the gulper eels elastic skin and is pressed down the throat.  Some scientist believe that the glands at the top of their mouths release enzymes or toxin to aid in killing prey.  The main diet of the gulper eel includes crustaceans, fish, seaweed and cephalopods, such as squid and octopus.  It is thought that the gulper eel is able to attract some of its prey by luring them in with the use of its light organ found at the tip of its tail.

The gulper eel's digestive system includes a buccal cavity, oesophagus, stomach and intestine.

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