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How does the Gulper eel survive so deep?

The gulper eel has acquired a unique adaptation to be able to survive in the deep oceans with little food there.  The gulper eel has developed a huge mouth with a unhinged jaw.  This allows it to feed not only on small organisms, but it is also able to engulf organisms bigger than itself.  With this adaptation the gulper eel is able to survive off of the few other organisms found at its depth.

The gulper eel also has a bioluminescence at the tip of its tail.  It is thought that they use this to attract prey as well as to attract mates.  This adaptation has also helped the gulper eel to survive at extreme depths.

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The gulper eel has a snake like body along with dorsal and anal fins for swimming, although they are fairly poor swimmers.  Small eyes on the tip of its snout are used to aid in information on distance, direction and movement of prey.  The gulper eelís lateral line organs on the body, head and upper jaw may also aid in recognizing distance and movement of prey, as well as predators and competition.    

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