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Habitat and Geography

The calla is naturally endemic to South Africa.  The plant grows naturally in swamps.  The plant prefers very moist environments which explains why it grows well in swampy areas.  The calla lily grows best in regions with a minimum temperature at around 50 degrees, and in mild climates.  The calla lily is often grown in greenhouses where the conditions can be manipulated so it can bloom in winter, spring, or early-summer.  The most important factor in regards to the growth of calla lily however is the amount of water present, it requires large amounts of water to survive. The calla lily grows best in sunny conditions, with either full sun or almost full sun.  The calla lily is also found in Southern and western Europe where it lives as an introduced species.  There has also been a more recent introduction of the plant into Australia.

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In the United States the calla lily can be found on the west coast including California and Oregon along with Hawaii.  Another location where the calla can be found is in Puerto Rico. 

The spread of the calla lily is increasing as it is introduced to more areas.  In many cultures it is seen as a flower but in several it is nothing more than a problem and a poisonous weed.







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