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There are many uses of the calla lily.  Most of the uses are aesthetic, however some other uses do exist.  The calla lily is a very popular flower when it comes to weddings and funerals.  It has a very unique beauty that is very simple and pure.  This species is the most popular for weddings because the spathe is naturally very large and white.  The calla lily is also used seasonally as a spring flower and is often displayed during the Easter season in centerpieces or other floral arrangements.

Food Source

The leaves of the calla lily can also be used as a source of food.  The leaves need to first be boiled, other wise they are toxic because they contain calcium oxalate crystals.  The boiling process destroys this hazard.  When eaten raw the feeling is described as hundreds of tiny needles being stuck into the eaters mouth.

Why I Chose It!

The calla lily is actually my favorite flower.  I love it's simplicity and it's beauty.  I also enjoy listening to people ask about its large white petal, even if it doesn't exist.  I like that the flower is mysterious and that little is known about it.  I am excited that all of this information will be available in one location, because it currently is spread very thin across articles and the web.  I hope this site is helpful for others.  I have learned a great deal about not only the calla lily but about plants as a whole.  I have to say that plants are far cooler than I ever imagined!






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