Mycoplasma bovis: affecting a store near you.

Picture of Mycoplasma bovis under an electron micropscope
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Mycoplasma bovis is the cause of much alarm in agricultural based businesses around the United States. It is projected that Mycoplasma bovis, the cause of the most severe form of mastitis in cows, and other forms of the disease costs the marketplace over 200 million dollars a year.  This webpage is dedicated to explaining how Mycoplasma bovis is such an efficient bacterium.

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"Myco”- refers to the study of organisms that are classified as fungi which Mycoplasma bovis was once thought to reside (Taylor 2001).


Plasma”- refers to the fact that Mycoplasma bovis lacks a cell wall but instead has a fluid like structure as its membrane(Taylor 2001).

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Bovis”- refers to the animal (cow) that Mycoplasma bovis

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