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Hello everyone! My name is Amy and I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. A photo of me My major is Biology with a concentration in Biomedical Science.  I was required to make this website that you are viewing for my Organismal biology class. I chose the cougar for my research project because I really love big cats-NOT house cats.   Usually, I don’t mind housecats but since I have had so many bad experiences with them (hissing, scratching, biting, hiding from you and not wanting to be pet etc…) I don’t think I will ever want to own one. Therefore, I tend not to refer to myself as a “cat” person domestically speaking. However, I do really  love other species of felids such as tigers, jaguars, leopards and of course cougars.  My favorite animal is the exotic Snow Leopard (Unica Unica) and I wanted to do my project on this organism, but sadly someone else had already chosen that for themselves.  Anyhow… I really spent a lot of time on this website so I hope you enjoy it.  All of the information presented is information that I have found to be up-to-date before publishing the website. Since science is truly always changing, new information may have been discovered (especially pertaining to classification of cougars) since the publication of the site. I hope you find the website useful and interesting. Finally, I really appreciate all of the fine men and women who allowed me to use their photographs.  So here’s a special thanks to them below (you can view their work by clicking on the web address next to their names):

Howard Penn

Savio Dsilva

Rolf Hicker

Dave Stiles


Tim Ennis


Tom Volk

Daniel Vucsko

The Cougar Network


If you want to contact me do so by email I will do my best to answer questions, otherwise I love making new friends! Enjoy!

~Amy Cory
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse biology student


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