Theraphosa blondi has been a fearful fascination of mine since I was a boy.  This intimate fear fueled my interest in discovering the mysterious world of the Goliath Tarantula.  I found myself wondering how T. blondi hunted, defended itself, mated, and interacted with its environment.  The thirst of these questions were quenched by Mr. Rick West; an arachnologist who was been to French Guiana to study Theraphosa blondi on many occasions.  He was kind enough to enlighten me with personal experiences involving T. blondi.  Much of the information found on this site quotes Mr. West's explanations to my questions.  For is kindness and knowledge, I thank Mr. Rick West for his efforts to accommodate my curiosity.

    While on my hypothetical journey into the life of a great fear of mine, I realized how beautiful and complex this organism is.  My fear melted into respect which has allowed me to observe and learn about T. blondi.  I hope you can also satisfy your curiosity and relinquish your fear for the great Theraphosa blondi, the Goliath of all spiders.