Theraphosa blondi resides in areas from the "extreme southern fringe of Venezuela down through Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and into Para State of northeastern Brazil" (West, 2008). 

    This species usually inhabits highly elevated upland rainforest, above "inundation riparian zones" to avoid being flooded out of its burrows (West 2008).  Rick West also informed me of the fact that "Theraphosa blondi is most often found in fully shaded montane rainforests were the humidity is always high and the soil/leaf litter is always damp" (West, 2008).  The average temperature, in this region, while Mr. West was there, was 78 F (night) – 92 F (day).  These observations were made by Mr. West while in the field in French Guiana studying Theraphosa blondi, on several occasions.

    The specific enclosure occupied by Theraphosa blondi consists of "natural cavities under rocks, fallen logs or in abandoned rodent or lizard burrows" (West, 2008).  Mr. West explains "Theraphosa blondi has been classified as an ‘opportunistic’ fossorial species because of these observations" (2008).