Human interactions

    Humans have interacted with Theraphosa blondi in both physical and cultural senses.  There have been many research based endeavors examining the thrapuetic uses of venom from many organisms, including T. blondi.  In one such article describing this endeavor, snake and spider venom where used as therapy for the neurodegenerative disease Multiple Sclerosis (Judge, 2006).  The results of the experiments demonstrated "that toxins can produce beneficial neurophysiologic effects (Harvey & Gage, 1981, Harvey & Anderson, 1985, Halliwell et al., 1986, Silveira et al., 1988a, Silveira et al., 1988b and Bagust et al., 1997)" (Judge, 2006).  "The use of bird-spider venom has also been recorded among the Tzeltal from Chiapas, Mexico for treating tumors by inducing a sting to the affected area" (Costa Neto, 2006).