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Original photo found at    Although Camu camu is a source of food to many insects and animals, the most important thing it provides is a natural food medicine to humans.  The native people who first utilized Camu camu usually only used it in drinks and ice cream because of its intense tart taste, so it was never documented as a traditional herbal remedy for any condition in the Amazon region.  But when its high Vitamin C content was discovered, many countries around the world became interested in its wonderful medicinal effects.
    As stated before, Camu camu fruit has the highest recorded amount of natural vitamin C known on the planet (providing up to 30 timesOriginal photo found at Raintree Nutrition more Vitamin C than oranges)!  In addition, it contains ten times more iron than oranges, three times more niacin, twice as much riboflavin and 50% more phosphorus.  Camu camu is also a significant source of potassium, and contains beta-carotene, calcium, and the amino acids leucine, serine, thiamine, and valine that aid in the absorption of Vitamin C.
    Camu camu fruit can be eaten alone, made into a drink, or even consumed in capsules of dry powder.  Either way, Camu camu is excellent for its antioxidant, mineral, and vitamin content.  The main uses of this plant are for the common cold and flu, anti-aging skin care, reducing genital herpes outbreaks, and overall therapeutic benefits such as supplying energy for an uplifted mood and strengthening the immune system.

Original photo found at Raintree Nutrition    Many health care practitioners that have been recommending Camu camu have been noticing the great benefits it has in their patients.  It can put shingles into remission, reduce the occurance of cold sores, and improve symptoms for Herpes virus sufferers.  Some practitioners have even reported that Camu camu helps relieve depression and anxiety, and they have weaned some patients off pharmaceutical anti-depressants.  Usually, pharmaceutical drugs cause unpleasant side effects in some people, but there are no side effects when taking Camu camu and it can be used safely in combination with pharmaceutical antidepressants without drug interactions.

    Although Camu camu is very nutritious and safe, one should always consult with his or her doctor before beginning any treatment.  Side effects include gastrointestinal disturbances and diarrhea, but ONLY for high or excessive dosages of Vitamin C.

    Even Dr.
James Duke, retired chief botanist for the U.S. Deptartment of Agriculture, agrees that Camu camu is therapeutically effective through both traditional use and also through its phytochemical compounds when taken in a higher concentration.


In a study done with hundreds of botanicals, Camu camu was ranked number one most effective among other plants for the following health conditions:


migraine-cluster headaches
gingivitis/periodontal disease


depression - No.2; antimutagenic - No. 4; anti-oxidant - No.4; anti-viral - No.6;

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