The Low-Down on High-Concentration Vitamin C

Original photo found at    Camu camu fruit has the highest recorded amount of natural Vitamin C known on the planet!  Many scientists and even everyday people are becoming more and more interested in the medicinal value of this sour fruit, also known as Camo camo, Rumberry, and Cacari.  Traditionally made into a juice by people of the rainforest to help maintain their health, camu-camu has more Vitamin C than any other known botanical.     
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Scientific classification
Animation by Microsoft ClipartDomain:  Eukarya
Kingdom:  Plantae
Division:  Magnoliophyta
Class:  Magnoliopsida
Order:  Myrtales
Family:  Myrtaceae
Genus:  Myrciaria
Species:  Myrciaria dubia

Binomial name:  Myrciaria dubia, (McVaugh)

Phylogenetic tree

(Domain)---Eukarya  Characteristics: complex cells that have a membrane bound nucleus that contains
                                 the genetic material for the cell, and also other membrane bound organelles that
                                 prokaryotes do not have






             ---Plantae  Characteristics: cell walls, chloroplasts, and it undergoes the process of


                        ---Bryophyta---liverworts, mosses



                        ---Pinophyta---pines, ginkgo, cycads


                        ---Psilotophyta---whisk ferns

                        ---Magnoliophyta  Characteristics: flowering plant with structures such as stamens,
                                                          stigmas, ovaries, and male pollen and female seeds (covered, not
                                                          naked like gymnosperms)






                                    ---Magnoliopsida  Characteristics: flowering plant whose embryos have a single
                                                                     cotyledon (grouped as monocots, or monocotyledonous
                                                                     plants); as opposed to embryos with two cotyledons (grouped
                                                                     as dicots, or dicotyledonous plants).  (For more examples
                                                                     under this class, please see Sweet Violet and Dandelion)

                                                                   (Order… just a few)

                                                                    ---Apiales (Carrot family)

                                                                    ---Capparales (Mustard family)

                                                                    ---Fabales (Pea family)

                                                                    ---Juglandales (Walnut family)

                                                                    ---Urticales  (Mulberry family)

                                                                    ---Myrtales  Characteristics: combined occurrence of vestured
                                                                                          pits and bicollateral bundles in the wood









                                                                                ---Myrtaceae  Characteristics: woody shrubs/trees,
                                                                                                         leaves are aromatic, containing oil glands,
                                                                                                         flowers usually have five sepals and
                                                                                                         petals and many long stamen, fruit  
Photo by Microsoft Clipartgenerally woody







                             ---Myrciaria  Characteristics: genus of tropical
                                                     American trees and shrubs of the
                                                     myrtle family versus the dry

                                                                                                             (Species…just a few)

                                                                                                              ---Myrciaria jaboticaba

                                                                                                              ---Myrciaria tenella

                                                                                                              ---Myrciaria vexator

                                                                                                              ---Myrciaria dubia  Characteristics:
                                                                                                                                                 highest Vitamin C
content on the
                                                                                                                                                 planet, red-purple