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Camelus dromedarius doesn't have many interactions with other organisms having been domesticated. The only known predators are tigers and humans. However, it does interact with its food source by taking small bites off of each plant found thus not killing the plant.

The one-humped camel also readily interacts with one another living in herds ranging from one to twenty. On average a herd consists of several females and at least one male and are not known to be territorial. Herds are also known to band together for migrations during times of famine.

Humans have played a large role of interaction with the camel. They domesticated the camel around 4000 to 2000 B.C.E. (before common era). They were domesticated for use as steeds, meat, milk, and hides. The largest reason for domestication was for a beast of burden. The camel was used to settle arid regions as well as cross arid regions playing a vital role in trade.

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