Do you own or want to own an Axolotl?

Aquarium, wikipedia public domain

In order for your Axolotls to survive it most be put into a freshwater aquarium.  The water temperature must be kept around 14-20oC, anything above or below that temperature range will put stress on the axolotls. 

To start off, a fine sand or small gravel should be used in the aquarium, anything larger you run the risk of killing your Axolotl due to blockages  in the gut if the Axolotl would to consume some.  The Axolotl does not need a filtration system but it is a good idea because they excrete high levels of waste in the form of ammonia, so without a proper filtration system tank water would have to be changed approximately every other day to insure adequate conditions. 

Caring for an Axolotl is a very easy task as long as you keep your water temperature in the proper range, the water clean and your axolotls feed you should have a pretty easy pet. 

what do I feed my axolotls  

Mexican Axolotls are carnivores, they are meat-eaters, and have teeth specially designed for grabbing food not crewing.  They often prefer their food to be alive in order to provide stimulus for them to react to, the sinking of prey is prefer but not required.  They only need to be feed every two to three days.

Common meals include:

  • Earthworms

  • Blackworms

  • Whiteworms

  • Daphnia

  • A dietary pellet

  • Brineshrimp

  • Mollusks

  • Crustaceans


It is important to note that the axolotls is a carnivore and may eat other fish or organisms in the aquarium so it should be kept alone.  Little is unknown about its interactions with other organisms, so to be on the safe side place the axolotls in its own tank.  Also the waste from the other organisms may be harmful to the axolotls because of their use of external gills for respiration.