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What is interesting about the Red-necked Wallaby?Picture from http://www.naturephoto-cz.com/red-necked-wallaby:macropus-rufogrisens,-wallabia-rufogrisea-photo-1925.html

    To avoid getting noticed the wallaby will freeze in it's place till the danger is gone.

    If a wallaby does get scared and panics it runs. They have been known to jump off cliffs and run in front of cars.

    Young wallabies and adult males box and wrestle for recreation. The adult males do this during the breeding season to show dominance of the other males. They scratch each other with their front paws, bite, and also kick with their hind legs by putting all their weight on their tails.
    The Red-necked Wallaby has poor eye sight but makes up for it with it's hearing and sense or smell. Their ears can turn to the side which aids in its excellent hearing.
    Besides being called does and bucks, Males are also called boomers and females are called flyers.

    Females can produced to kinds of milk, one for the developing Joey, and one for the Joey outside of the pouch. The milk for the older Joey has a higher fat content.
Picture from http://homepage.mac.com/keithdavey/macropods/bennetts-wallaby-53.htm
    They are nocturnal, they sleep in covered areas and feed in the late afternoon and evening.

    Although the Red-necked Wallaby is mostly found in Australia they are hearty animals and can survive the cold, such as the cold of a Wisconsin winter.

    These animals have been know to be breed and kept as pets. In order to be tame enough to be a pet, they must be bottle feed as a Joey.

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