Interesting Facts

Helicobacter pylori was named by Robin Warren and Barry J. Marshall in 1983.

Helicobacter pylori infects more than 50% of the human population!

It was originally named Campylobacter pyloridis because it resembled another pathogenic bacteria found in the intestinal tract of the Campylobacter genus.

H. pylori compliments Scott SmithHelicobacter pylori was extremely difficult to culture and was actually cultured by accident.  When Warren and Marshall attempted to culture the bacteria, they were not successful because they only waited the usual two days for each attempt.  They accidentally left some culture plates over the Easter holiday and colonies finally emerged (Blaser 1996).

George Bush was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer in the 1960's (Helicobacter Foundation).

Pope John Paul II was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer in the 1980's (Helicobacter Foundation).

The International Agency for Research into Cancer, or IARC, has cataloged H. pylori as a “Class- I-Carcinogen” which is in the same class as cigarette smoke.

Dr. Barry J. Marshall actually inoculated himself with H. pylori with hopes of proving that it would cause ulcers.  He did develop gastritis (Blaser 1996).

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