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The toco toucan can be found in places such as South America (as far as Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina), Central America through Vera Cruz (Mexican state). 43 species within the toucan family Ramphastidae inhabit woodlands of America from Mexico to Argentina. You can find them in Neotropical regions except in the Caribbean Islands.

Correct!!! You can find this amazing bird in rainforests along with the Red Eyed Tree Frog. Apart from this typical habitat, they also live in wooded savannas, sparse woodland, and river banks. Of course this is only true if there are trees for these birds to hang out in.

The average size of a toco toucan is 12-24 inches with a beak of 1/4 its length. Its wings are short and rounded, and it has a long tail. Because of these features the toco toucan is a poor flyer. If they do fly, they do so in straggling flocks, but they are essentially tree dwellers. They prefer to remain high in tree tops (similar to that of the Frilled Neck Lizard) traveling from one treetop to another that is not far in distance.

They sleep in holes of tree trunks. The hole is usually a result of decay but still within sound wood. The favorable hole of a toco toucan is one where the orifice is just wide enough for an adult to squeeze through that is only a few centimeters - 2 meters deep.

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