Hookworm Classification

Domain- Eukarya
    The hookworm is under the domain eukarya because it have membrane bound organelles, and the DNA is contained in a nucleus.

Kingdom- Animalia
    The hookworm is in the kingdom animalia because it is multicellular, heterotrophic, and is motile in at least one stage of its life.

Phylum- Nematoda
    The hookworm is in the phylum nematoda because it is a round worm. It is bilaterally symmetric and had a pseudocoelom.

Class- Secernentea
    The hookworm is in the class secernentea because it has an excretory system possessing lateral canals.

Order- Strongylida
    The hookworm is in the order strongylida characterized by an H-shaped excretory system with two subventral glands.

Family- Ancylostomidea

Genus- Ancylostoma
This hookworm is in the genus Ancylostoma because it is and intestinal parasite of humans and other mammals.

Species- Ancylostoma duodenale
This hookworm gets its species name because it lives in the intestines of humans.