Hookworms can be found all throughout the world, but most commonly in areas where there is a constant moist warm climate. They reside in Asia, Africa, and are the only human infecting hookworms to reside in North Africa, the Middle East, and Southern Europe.
Hookworm world distribution- McGill University
   Hookworm eggs absorb their nutrients via absorption from the host feces, therefore they must be in soils of neutral pH. They also must be in a shady area, like under a tree or bush, because the feces must remain moist enough for the egg to fully develop. This is also important because the eggs are extremely sensitive to sunlight. Also, The eggs metabolism is aerobic, therefore it also must be in an area of good oxygen supply. The importance of a soil of neutral pH is not just for the egg. juvenile hookworms are also sensitive to high salt concentrations and acidic soil.

    The adult life of a hookworm is spent in a completely different habitat, the human body. At the juvenile stage, the hookworm enters is new host and works its way via the circulation system and lungs, to the intestines. Here the hookworms feeds and reproduces and spends the rest of its life.