Courtsey of SanDiego Zoo    Giant anteaters in the wild, live in South and Central America, from Guatemala all the way down south of Paraguay.  Although the other species of anteaters have been found all over the world, giant anteaters are only found in these parts.  They can be found in many different niches in this area including low, swampy savannas, river banks, the middle of humid rain forests and grassy plains.  They are, for the most part, terrestrial animals although they can swim to escape from being injured or eaten.

    Because giant anteaters live in so many different niches, many other organisms also inhabit these areas and live in close association with anteaters.  Many plants, including different species of trees and grasses help protect the giant anteaters from its enemies, and some trees even provide fruity snacks for them.  Many animals also live in close quarters with with anteaters, including many different species of insects, birds, spiders and even snakes. 

    One sad fact about the habitat of giant anteaters is the fact that they are being driven out of their natural homes by humans.  Not only are they being driven out at an alarming rate, they are also being killed.  Hunters use the giant anteater for their meat, but poachers see the giant anteater as a trophy and.  This mass killing needs to be stopped because giant anteaters are on the verge of becoming endangered and extinct, and if that happens the world would not only loose an entire species, but also a really cool animal that is not like any other.