Interesting Facts
The Most Interesting Things About Giant Anteaters Are........
  • There are actually 2 subspecies of giant anteaters: the artata and the centralis!
  • They have sense 40 times more powerful than that of humans!
  • They only travel at about .523 miles per hour!
  • They have the lowest recorded body temperature of all mammals, only reaching 91o F!
  • They are usually quiet animals but if they are disturbed, they will let out a loud scream!
  • They can use their strong tails like a bicycle stand whey they stand on their hind legs!
  • They are listed as vulnerable and on the verge of becoming extinct!
  • They are often used as pets in natives peoples homes as a way to control ants and termites.!

Courtesy of Mark Gaskill of Phoenix Communications Group Inc.