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Well where does it live??

Courtest of the CIA World Factbook - Europe MapKohlrabi can live just about anywhere. Originally they were from Northern Europe. Since Northern Europe is a fairly cold environment, Kohlrabi is well suited to live in colder areas. Being from Wisconsin, this seems like an important and helpful adaptation. Not many vegetables naturally grow in colder areas. Kohlrabi was a delicacy in Europe but is not eaten as commonly now.

If you want to grow some Kohlrabi of your very own, try planting seeds in early spring. Since these plants came from a cooler environment, the cool temperatures of spring won't bother them. They will even be able to withstand some minor frost as long as it is not a common occurrence. Make sure the seeds are around 2-5 inches apart and in fertile soil. If the soil is moist and the weeds are kept at bay the Kohlrabi will grow exceptionally well. Harvest times are different for each type of Kohlrabi but as a general rule Kohlrabi is Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons - People Gardeningbest when small so harvest when the stems are around 1 inch in diameter. For some more information on growing your own Kohlrabi, check out this site or this site from the DIY network.

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