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Nutrition Facts - Where does a Kohlrabi fit in my diet?

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Kohlrabi are vegetables. Delicious vegetables. So if you were to just be thinking of the food pyramid, that is where they fit. In regards to other vegetable falling into the Brassica genus, they would include turnips, mustards and cabbage. Brassica The delicious Kohlrabi - as eaten by myselfvegetables are often referred to as cabbage crops or cole crops. Interestingly, Kohlrabi are not root vegetables. They are often mistakenly identified as such but the part that is eaten is just a swelling of the stem, done just above the ground. This is similar to how a tomato is often mistook as a vegetable even though biologically it is a fruit.  For another example of a Brassica genus, check out Jonathan Komp's page on turnip.  Kohlrabi contains good amounts of both vitamin C and fiber along with many other nutrients. If you are a serious diet person, check out this website to get all the information on the content of a Kohlrabi. All you have to do is click on new search, enter Kohlrabi as your search term and select your serving size.

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