Habitat: "Here birdy birdy..."

North America migrational map courtesy of Terry SohlWhere can you find the Mallard?

The Mallard can be found nearly anywhere around the globe where there is a temperate or sub-tropical climate. Mallards are found throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Mallards are also migratory birds that (in North America) will fly South as far as Mexico and other parts of Central America during the winter months.

Their migration from North America to warmer southern climates usually begins in September or October, and their return usually begins in late February or March.

Mallards tend to prefer more of a grassland around a pond or small lake with lots of reeds or a marshy area for its specific habitat. This is due to how Mallards typically feed. They are referred to as a 'dabbling duck', which indicates that it tends to feed on the surface. This can been seen when the Mallard is on the surface of the water and tips its tail vertically while submerging its head to look for food beneath the surface.
Personal photo of male resting
Mallards will often chose their mates in the fall, but will not breed until late March or early April that following year. The very first nests for Mallards tend to appear around March 20th. For Mallards that migrate long distances, breeding takes place once they have settled on an appropriate nesting area.

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