Some things got to give?


     The saddle billed stork is a very large and colorful bird, can be more than 120cm long, and usually weigh about 5,897 grams. The slightly up turned bill, saddle-billed, is red coved by a black band in front of Male saddle-billed stork the eyes by a small yellow plate. They also have a thin, pointy beak which is very useful in jabbing for fish through shallow waters. The male saddle-billed stork has a yellow wattle bellow the chin with brown dark eyes and the saddle-billed stork does not have the wattle and has bright yellow eyes. saddle-billed storks are known for their solidarity, and are usually in pairs of two, or single. They communicate by rattling their bills, because they lack the muscles needed to vibrate their vocal cords!







Question: Is this a picture of a Male or Female Saddle-Billed Stork?

Answer: If you notice the yellow waddle under the chin and the dark brown eyes then you know it is a male!

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