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Hello my name is Joseph Kotnour, I am a Freshman at the University of La Crosse-Wisconsin and I have been given the  opportunity to create this web page thanks to my orginismal I Barely Made it through biology professors, Dr. Volk and Dr. Sandland. I choose the saddle-billed stork because I thought it had the most interesting name, but I did not know that there was only limited information on this topic. I am very glad that I choose this topic because it gave me a challenge to work on. A little about me; I love traveling and I had to rush to get this website done, because I went to Costa Rica. I also love hiking and playing random sports. I hope you enjoyed my website and  have a great day!


I barely made it through this project as you can see!


If you have any questions or would like to contact me feel free to do so!

my email address is:

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