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Staying Ahead of the Game

The winter flounder, like all flounders, has developed a very interesting method for camouflage.  When a flounder is born, it looks like any other normal fish.  But during its life it goes through a metamorphosis.  The eyes will begin to migrate to Head Region of the Winter Flounderone side of the body, in the winter flounder it's to the right side, and it will begin to swim on its side, giving it a flat appearance.  This new flat body shape as well as its darker color gives the winter flounder the ability to swim on the sea floor while being for the most part undetected by predators, as well as most prey.

 The  posterior fin of the flounder has also  been adapted to its sideways lifestyle.  Instead of the normal angular shape of most fish, the posterior fin Posterior Fin of Winter Flounder is flatter and broader to allow for it to swim more smoothly and quickly in the forward motion.  Because of its very broad body, the flounder doesn't have much agility and it makes up for it by being able to swim straight ahead faster.