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Look Out!

The winter flounder is mainly a predatory fish, but this fish also has some enemies of its own.  One of these is the monkfish, this bottom dweller will lie Monk fishin wait for the flounder to swim by and then emerge from the sand and devour the unwary flounder. 

Another larger predator for the flounder is the blue fin tuna.  While the flounderBluefin tuna isn't number one on its menu, if given the opportunity it will snag a tasty flounder meal.

While other fish can be nasty predators for the winter flounder, there is no predator more merciless than man.  Fisherman search for the winter flounder because of its delicious taste and interesting texture.  Luckily, there is a strict season in place for winter Fishermanflounder.

Flounders aren't just susceptible to predators, there are also various parasites like nematodes that will make a home out of a flounder if they are unlucky enough to pick one up.