About Me

     I am a student at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in the Class of 2012. I am a Biomedical major, with a minor in both Chemistry and Spanish. I have aspirations of attending a Dental School some time with in the next 5 or so years. Other than school, I love to play cards, especially Sheepshead. The game is very similar to Euchre (if that helps). I also enjoy being outdoors. I partake in many typical Wisconsin activities, fishing in the 'summer' and white-tail deer hunting in the winter. I say 'summer' because Wisconsin really doesn't have a summer. We experience about 2 months of warm weather, which it is usually only in the 80's and very humid.   Me and my last place prize
I chose the Muskellunge as my organism for the semester because I enjoy fishing on the many lakes in Wisconsin. Also, I hope that the extra research will give me an advantage next time I go fishing. If you have any questions about my site, recommendations, or comments please email me long.alex@students.uwlax.edu. Good luck to all anglers! Go back to The Lake.Me at Germanfest in Milwaukee, WI