The Name Game

Domain- Eukarya
Organisms with a nucleus and other membranehttp://www.musky.ca/muskie-pictures.htm bound organelles

Kingdom- Animalia
    Organisms that are heterotrophic, have germ layers (the Muskellunge is triploblastic-3 layers) and are multicellular

Phylum- Chordata
    Organisms that process a notochord: a flexible, rod-like tube running down the back of an embryo

Class- Actinopeterygii
    Fish with fin rays supported by boney rays not fleshy lobes

Order- Esociformes
    Ray-finned fish, seperable into 2 groups: Esocidae (pikes) and Umbridae (mudminnows)

Family- Esocidae
ater, North Americanfish with a  pointed headed

Genus- Esox

Species- Esox masquinongy
    The scientific name for Muskellunge's is not Latin, but is an Ojibwe word
maashkinoozhe, meaning "ugly Pike". Once the French settled North America, they got in touch with their etymological side and referred to the animal as masque allongé. This is modified from the Ojibwe word, masque allongé means "elongated mask."

Taxonomy of Esox masquinongy based on evidence from mitochondrial DNA sequences*Common Names- muskellunge, musky, muskie, lunge, mascalonge, chatauqua, masquinonge, white pike, white pickeral, barred muskie. Now only if we knew where it lives...