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     Esox masquinongy is the prize of many fresh water anglers. A Muskellunge's average size is anywhere from 30-42 inches, and 10-20 pounds. However, that is not what makes the anglers fish for a life time in hopes of catching one. They are waiting for Muskellunges like the North American record: 64.5 inches, 69 pounds 15 ounces. These fish can be massive! The only aspect of this fish that is larger than its actual size , is its persona.Mepps.com Anglers will flock from all over the U.S. to Wisconsin  just to get a crack at the fish of a life time. Although rare, Muskellunges are the #1 most sought after fish in the Midwest. In regards to the percentage of esconids (Muskellunge's taxonomic family) in a freshwater ecosystem, Muskellunges are only 1% of the fish present.
       For other information about any other organism, please check out www.MultipleOrganisms.net. This site is created by students at UW-La Crosse and covers a wide variety of organisms. Check it out! For any information about fungi, I encourage you to visit www.TomVolkFungi.net. This website is made by Dr. Volk, professor at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and its all about fungi. I also suggest looking at his Fungus of the Month, it has many genera of fungi in great detail. Now lets take a taxonomic look at the Muskellunge.
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