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   My name is Nicole Long. I am currently a student at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I have a biology major with a bio-medicalI'm holding a Southern Singray at Stingray City. Photo by Nicole Long concentration. Along with being a biology major, I’m also pre-veterinary. I have wanted to become a veterinarian for as long as I can remember. Animals bring so much joy to people's lives, and I want to be able to keep them healthy and keep them with their families as long as possible.

   When I was assigned to make this website, we were supposed to choose a species that had to deal with the Holiday Dr. Hicks, Katrina, Jennifer, Me Photo by Nicole LongSeason. I’m sure you’re wondering how I connected Southern Stingrays with the Holidays. This past Christmas break one of the veterinarians I work with took me and two of my co-workers down to the Cayman Islands (thanks again doc!). Grand Cayman is absolutely beautiful! There are palm trees everywhere. Click here to learn more about palm trees. While I was down there, I went to Stingray City. This experience was incredible. When I got out of the boat and started walking around on the sandbar, these Southern Stingrays came from all over looking for the food we were holding. It was breathtaking! Honestly I was scared to death, but once I was able to hold one, I immediately fell in love. Not only are these stingrays hungry, but they are curious. They will swim right up beside you so you can reach out and touch their leathery skin.

Me and a Southern Stingray Photo by Nicole Long   Thanks again for taking a tour of my Web page. I hope you learned something and have a new appreciation for Southern Stingrays. Please get out there and explore the world. Life's short, ENJOY IT! 

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