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Southern Stingray Photo by Kevin Eddy   Southern Stingrays are fascinating animals. They are mainly found in sandy areas. These stingrays hide by covering themselves with sand. To find prey in the sand they use their extraordinary senses including touch, smell and electrosenses. These rays have amazing adaptations along with incredible senses that allow them to fit perfectly in the benthic zone life-style.

     Southern Stingrays are complex creatures, but they are also very important to ecotourism. These wonderful animals can often be seen in different areas where people go snorkeling. If you ever get the chance to visit Grand Cayman, you HAVE to go to Stingray City. At Stingray City you get the opportunity to swim with stingrays. This experience is unbelievable. These curious rays come right up to you looking for food. It’s breathtaking to be surrounded by these animals in their natural habitat because they are so beautiful and so gentle. The only time a Southern Stingray would intentionally harm you would be if it felt threatened. Besides that, they just want to visit and get the snack you’re holding in your hand.

     Please continue reading to learn more about the SouthernSouthern Stingray Photo by Tad Arensmeier Stingray and appreciate their impact on our lives. These rays and their habitat are extremely important and need to be conserved. Enjoy learning about the remarkable Southern Stingrays and help spread the awareness for this species and its habitat.

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