About the Author

Picture taken by Katie SchrammHi!  I am Katie Schramm.  I am a freshman at UW-La Crosse and a prospective Biology major, with an emphasis in Biomed.  I am currently taking bio 203, Organismal Biology, for which one of our assignments was to make a webpage of any organism we wanted and publish it and all our required research onto MultipleOrganisms.net.  Our only requirement was that we don't do any organism that have/had been done by any of our present or past classmates.  This year our organisms were also to follow a theme: Christmas!  To tie al of our organisms together our teachers have made a Christmas story with all of our organisms (each organism hyperlinked to their page) in it which is located on the Multiple Organisms main page!

I could tell you that I chose to do my webpage on the Adélie penguin because since I was young I've always been interested in penguins and it has been my dream to do a project on them...but that wouldn't be the truth. :(  I actually chose the Adélie penguin to be my organisms because after I saw the movie 'Happy Feet' and can't get the scene were all the male Adélie penguins are collecting rocks for their nests...except for those who of course make it up with personality and amazing dance moves!

Thank-you very much for taking the time to read over my website, and I hope you enjoyed it.  I definitely did!  If you have any questions/comments you would like to send me, you can contact me at schramm.kath@students.uwlax.edu.